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The History Of Bob’s Discount House

Believe it or not, Bob’s Discount House was born in the shadow of the Cyclone Roller Coaster at Revere Beach, Massachusetts, the oldest public beach in the country, in 1948. Bob’s Discount was owned and operated by Bob and Victor Shayeb.  It began as a retail/wholesale operation selling toys, games, gifts, seasonal items and distributor of wholesale prizes to the carnival industry throughout New England. Carnie’s everywhere knew where to to go. Their father personally rode the Cyclone each day to test for safety and actually lost his life one day in 1931 when he was killed after being thrown off during one of these test runs.  

The Cyclone/Bob’s Discount lived a great life on the beach until 1969 when the Cyclone stopped for the last time.  In 1971, the Cyclone burned down and the piece of property was taken over by the state of Massachusetts by eminent domain to build the Revere Beach Police Station which is still there today.  



Bob’s Discount then moved to 61 Squire Rd, Revere Ma where we remain today.  In that location, we began to expand and sell household items and small affordable furniture. If you liked knick knacks, you loved Bob’s!! 

In 1983 a young man named John (Scott) McDonough left the U. S. Navy with hopes and dreams of a new career in the Tech industry. His uncles, Michael and Kevin had worked for Bob since they were young and he knew the store well.   Scott was staying with his uncles for a short time while getting his civilian life started with a new job at Wang. (which closed it’s doors shortly after) Then Scott talked to Bob and the rest is history……….


Bob saw something in Scott, they were kindred spirits, both crafty and smart.  Bob offered a job to Scott and he accepted.  Scott worked hard for Bob.  Did every job and learned every aspect of the business.  After many years Scott became Bob’s buyer and right hand a lot like father and son.   

When Bob got sick and died in 1998, Scott, who had now worked for Bob for 20 years and his then business partner Ed Kline (who died in 2008), bought the store from Bob’s family.  Under Scott McDonough’s leadership and a great management team, Bob’s has now grown from one to three locations with stores in Revere, South Yarmouth and New Bedford Massachusetts.  

We proudly remain family owned and operated. Bob’s Discount House will always find great quality merchandise at great prices and we will always pass our bargains on to you from our family to yours.  

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